How I read a nonfiction book in 5 days

Let’s start with just 2 numbers …

The average nonfiction book is 300 pages.

It will take an average reader 5 hours to read 300 pages.

The very first thing most people tell you is that they don’t have 5 hours to read a book.

But, again, let’s break that down a bit and look at how I started a few years ago.

I started by reading just 15 minutes in the morning after waking up, and then another 15 minutes at night just before bed.

So, that is 30 minutes per day. Which means I finished the average book in 10 days.

Then I increased my reading time to 30 minutes in the morning and another 30 minutes at night. Just a 30 minute increase per day, cut my number of days per book in half.

I keep to the 30 minutes per day, but, I sometimes do an hour in the morning and the evening, and sometimes I even just finish the whole book in 1 sitting.

So, start by getting up 15 minutes earlier, and switching off the TV 15 minutes earlier and you can get through the average book in 10 days.

If you just maintain that level, you can easily finish 26 books in a year.

If you bump up your reading to 30 minutes in the morning and evening, again, very easy to do, now you finish a book in 5 days which we will round up to a week, which means 52 books a year.

If we want to go to the extreme here, remember that the average time spent watching TV by adults in the USA is 5 hours and four minutes PER DAY!

You can finish a whole book a DAY if you cut out watching TV!

You could even just cut your TV time in half OR, you could spend every second day NOT watching TV and just reading, which would mean 182 books per year!

My own personal goal for 2019 is to read 1 book in 2 days, which will give me 182 books for the year.

DO remember to make LOTS of notes and highlights as you read though! You have to be able to come back and look at bite-sized chunks of information that is easy to implement.

Remember that knowledge is only POTENTIAL power. APPLIED knowledge is power!

What is your reading goal for 2019?

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